Communicate and Connect: NVC Foundation Training

Sat 24th Mar 10:00am – Sun 25th Mar 4:00pm

602/1 Herd St, Oriental Bay Wellington Map

This 2 day Nonviolent Communication (NVC) foundation training will focus on the development of empathy skills. The 4 step model of NVC offers a practical toolkit that supports connection.

You will:

  • Develop skills to handle challenging conversations
  • Deal with emotionally charged situations effectively
  • Move out of the stress cycle
  • Connect with self and others with empathy
  • Learn how to listen and understand what people really need - beyond the words
  • Activate self-care and work/life balance

Trainer: Anna Groves has extensive experience as a trainer and mediator. She has facilitated workshops for over 15 years that have led to transformational outcomes with business leaders, entrepreneurs, teachers, parents, couples and individuals.

Anna is recognised as one of New Zealand’s most experienced facilitators of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) - otherwise known as Compassionate Communication. She was certified in 2007 as a CNVC trainer, and provides individual coaching for new trainers both nationally and internationally. Founded by psychologist Marshall Rosenberg, PhD, NVC provides a set of practical and accessible skills, which can be used to communicate more effectively with others in both business and life.

Deep listening underlies all of Anna’s communication. Perceptive, pragmatic and candid, Anna can offer timely insights and facilitate a shared understanding when others may be inclined to withdraw. She is well equipped to support interpersonal communication in any setting when it’s particularly difficult or challenging, and can offer skills to clarify situations, face the difficult questions and support innovation.

With a background in Education and the Arts, Anna combines her own passion for life with a wicked sense of humour. Her ability to empathise underlies a potent emotional intelligence that enables Anna to connect with people from all walks of life.

Anna will be assisted by Polish NVC trainer Anna Banaś.

Anna met NVC five years ago and has been deepening her practice since, mostly with the help of her children (who are most wonderful and challenging of teachers). She has been offering NVC-based workshops and courses to parents, teachers, couples and NGOs in Poland, The Netherlands and now in New Zealand. Her journey has created many amazing transformational moments both for herself and the participants of her workshops. She loves NVC for the possibility to connect with herself and others, and to simplify life. Anna is now on the path to become a certified CNVC trainer.

* “I love Anna as a facilitator; she walks the talk. I love her realness and ability to be vulnerable.” – Irma, Health Coach, Motueka
*“The course was everything I hoped for and more. Already I can see major changes in relationships that are a reflection of your competent work.” Leigh, Teacher, Kapiti
* Open, honest, patient, succinct and humorous; I love your commitment and passion for NVC. It's infectious!" Tim, Business Manager, Nelson

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